Weather stations


      Neem je het heft graag in eigen handen en wil je altijd up to date zijn over alle weerfactoren. Dan ben je met een weerstation van Alecto Home aan het juiste adres. Plaats een Alecto buitenunit in je tuin en met zijn sensoren en draadloze verbinding stuurt hij alle informatie naar je binnenunit. Afhankelijk van het type kan een weerstation verschillende waardes meten. Bij een 8 in 1 weerstation meet hij de: windrichting, windsnelheid, luchtvochtigheid, luchtdruk, buitentemperatuur, UV en zonnestralen, gevoelstemperatuur en neerslag. Het eerste nummer staat voor het aantal meeteenheden van de unit. Bij een professioneel weerstation zijn over het algemeen meerdere van de bovenstaand benoemde meeteenheden inbegrepen.

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      Would you like a weather station at home?

      Do you like to take matters into your own hands and be up-to-date with the latest weather developments? Then you've come to the right place as Alecto offers a weather station. Place an Alecto outdoor unit in your garden and have it send the relevant information to your indoor unit, using its sensors and wireless connection. Depending on the type, a weather station can measure different values. At an 8-in-1 weather station, it measures the wind's direction, speed, humidity, air pressure, outside temperature, UV and sun rays, wind chill and precipitation. The first number represents the number of measurement units. A professional weather station generally includes more measurement units.

      Weather Station with App Management

      Alecto offers weather stations with app management. This allows you to easily manage and share your data as well as compare it with that of others. The app makes it possible to create your very own dashboards, enabling you to create your very own weather reports and make them as personal and relevant as you'd like.

      Cooperation with Storm Radar

      If the weather is your hobby or profession, you can indulge yourself with one of the professional weather stations – including various weather stations developed in collaboration with and under the name of Storm Radar. Every weather station is wireless, so they're easy to set up and use. The operation is also user-friendly and straight-forward.

      Buying a Weather Station

      Are you ready to make your own weather forecasts using Alecto's perfect weather station? You can easily place your order on the Alecto Home Web Shop. If you do so by 7:00 p.m. on a business day, we'll dispatch it from our warehouse that very day!