Lighting is an essential part of any home. It ensures that you can see well, but it can also contribute greatly to the atmosphere in your home. At Alecto Home, we have a wide range of lighting.

      Smart Lighting

      Step into the world of smart lighting with Alecto and experience the convenience of wireless control. Our smart lighting not only offers the ease of control through your smartphone but also a range of features to perfectly tailor your home to your needs. Dim the lights to relax, choose from a spectrum of colors to create the desired ambiance, and set up convenient schedules to automatically adjust your lighting to your daily routine. With our energy-efficient LED technology, you not only save on your energy bill but also contribute to a sustainable future. Discover the ultimate convenience and endless possibilities of Alecto's smart lighting and elevate your home to a higher level of illumination and comfort.

      Rechargeable Flashlights

      Experience the convenience of our rechargeable flashlights, specially designed for indoor and around-the-house use. With these reliable companions, you are always prepared for any situation. Whether you need to navigate the stairs late at night, explore the attic, or illuminate the garden path, our rechargeable flashlights offer a powerful and bright light.