At Alecto Home, you'll find everything you need to take control of your energy and power consumption. Whether you're looking for an energy meter, a digital timer or remote-controlled sockets, you've come to the right place!

      Here you will find everything you need to take control of your energy and power consumption. Whether you are looking for an energy meter, a handy battery tester, a digital timer switch, or remotely controllable outlets, you have come to the right place at our webshop!

      Digital energy meter

      A digital energy meter is a valuable tool for being conscious about your power consumption. Real-time insights into the energy usage of your devices help you make informed decisions and reduce unnecessary energy loss.

      Remote controllable outlets

      Remotely controllable outlets give you the freedom to wirelessly control devices. With a simple push of a button, you can turn lamps, electronics, and other equipment on and off without having to unplug them. This not only provides convenience but can also contribute to energy savings.

      Timer switches

      Timer switches are versatile and handy devices that play a valuable role in our daily lives. With timer switches, you can automatically turn electrical appliances on and off at programmed times, allowing you to efficiently manage your energy consumption. Whether it's automatically turning on lights when you're not home, programming your coffee maker to greet you with a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, or regulating garden watering during vacations, timer switches offer a smart and simple solution for various daily routines. Additionally, they contribute to a safer living environment by creating the illusion that someone is always home, even when that's not the case. With timer switches, you enjoy more convenience, savings, and peace of mind.