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Smart lighting
With Alecto's smart lights, you can easily control your lamps
via an app on your smartphone or tablet.

      Frequently asked questions

      To get started with Alecto's smart lighting, you don't need much. All you need is a stable wifi connection and the smart life app to control the lights.
      The Smart life app is available for smartphone and tablet.
      Download the app for Android or Apple

      No, you don't need a smart bridge to use the smart lighting.

      In addition to the Smart Life app, you can also control Alecto's smart bulbs with the Tuya app. The bulb also supports voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Home.
      Download the Tuya smart app for Android or Apple

      You can replace any lamp with an E27, E14, or GU10 fitting for an Alecto smart light.
      The specifications of each lamp indicate which fitting the lamp is suitable for.

      The lifespan of our smart lighting is around 15,000 hours.

      Alecto Smart Lamps

      With Alecto Home's smart lamps, you can easily control your lights via an app on your smartphone. Some of our models can also display multiple colors. This gives you a choice of up to 16 million colors (RGB) for every occasion in your home. With all Alecto smart lamps, it's possible to set different color temperatures, ranging from bright white to a warm ambiance.

      Why Choose Smart Lamps?

      Smart lighting goes beyond just illuminating your home. It offers a combination of convenience, efficiency, and personalization that traditional lighting simply can't match. By investing in smart lamps, you're investing in a smarter, safer, and more energy-efficient home.

      Smart Life App

      Alecto's smart lamps can be controlled with the free Smart Life app (iOS and Android). This allows you to easily create schedules and link the lamps to other smart products. The smart lamps also support voice control via Google and Alexa.

      Buying Alecto Smart Lighting?

      Control your lighting with your smartphone or voice. You can do that with Alecto's smart lamps. Order easily through the Alecto Home Webshop. If you place your order on a weekday before 8:00 PM, we'll ship it the same day from our warehouse!

      Safety and Comfort

      Increase the safety and comfort in your home with smart lighting. Set the lights to automatically turn on and off when you're not home, or use smart lamps to light your path in the dark.