Gas detectors

      If the concentration of these gases exceeds a certain threshold, the gas detector will sound an alarm. This can save lives, as gas leaks can be very dangerous and in some cases can even be fatal. It is therefore very important to have a gas detector in your home. Looking for a detector that detects carbon monoxide? Then check out our carbon monoxide detectors

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      Why a gas detector from Alecto?

      Our gas detectors are easy to install and provide continuous monitoring of the ambient air. They immediately warn you with a loud alarm if a gas leak is detected. With their durable construction and reliable performance, our gas detectors provide effective and long-lasting protection against gas leaks. Don't wait until it's too late - invest in an Alecto gas detector today and protect your home and loved ones from potential dangers.

      What should I do if my gas detector goes off?

      If your gas detector goes off, it is important to take immediate action. Follow these steps:

      1. Keep calm and take the warning seriously: The sounding of the gas detector indicates that a potentially dangerous concentration of gas is present. Take the situation seriously and stay calm.

      2. Ventilate the room: Immediately open windows and doors to ventilate the room. This allows the gas to spread and reduce its concentration. Make sure there is plenty of fresh air coming in.

      3. Turn off gas sources: If you can identify the source of the gas and do it safely, turn off the gas supply to the affected appliance or gas line. Follow the correct procedures and safety guidelines.

      4. Leave the building: If the gas detector continues to sound, leave the building immediately. Bring everyone in attendance and make sure everyone is outside in a safe location.

      5. Avoid sparks and open flames: Make sure there are no sparks or open flames in the vicinity. This can cause a fire or an explosion if there is actually a flammable gas leak.

      6. Call the emergency services: After you leave the building, call the relevant emergency services, such as the fire department or the national emergency number. Clearly state that you have had a gas alarm and follow their instructions.