Other Fire Prevention

      Prioritising fire safety is essential, and with us you will find high-quality products that protect your home and provide peace of mind. From escape ladders to magnetic mounting kits for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, we offer everything you need to keep your home safe in case of emergencies. Our magnetic mounting kits make mounting smoke and carbon monoxide detectors a breeze, without the hassle of drilling and screws. Our specially designed escape ladders are the ideal solution to quickly and safely escape through windows on higher floors.

      Alecto Home's Mounting Kit Makes Fire Prevention Easy!

      Discover Alecto Home's magnetic mounting kits - a simple solution for a fire-safe home! No more hassle with drilling and screwing, as with this 'plug & play' kit, you can effortlessly install your smoke detector. Attach one magnetic strip to the ceiling and one to the smoke detector, place them together, and you're done! Suitable for smoke, carbon monoxide, and heat detectors. Whether you're moving or replacing your current detector, this set is ideal for any home. Easy to install, without the need for tools.

      Prepared for Emergencies with Alecto's Fire Escape Ladders

      For a safe evacuation during emergencies, you can rely on Alecto's fire escape ladders. These are specially designed for easy use and quick escape through windows on higher floors.

      Our fire escape ladders work as follows:

      1. Secure the hook to the windowsill.
      2. Unroll the fire ladder down the facade.
      3. Step onto the first rungs of the fire ladder carefully.
      4. Climb down.