Warranty conditions



These warranty provisions will apply for the consumer.
The 24-month warranty period will start on the date on which the product is purchased. The warranty period will not be extended if work is to be carried out or a replacement provided under warranty. Make sure you keep your sales receipt in a safe place. A repair or replacement product will only be possible under warranty if you have the original sales receipt. You should approach the shop or webshop from which you bought your product to arrange a repair or replacement under warranty and/or resolve any complaints.

Excluded from the warranty
The warranty will not cover:

  1. damage caused by external influences;
  2. negligent damage;
  3. inappropriate or incorrect use, incorrect operation or an incorrect load, including but not limited to the use of leaking batteries and/or batteries that have been inserted incorrectly and/or the use of non-original parts;
  4. incorrect set-up or installation resulting, for example, from the failure to observe current safety regulations and/or the instructions provided in the user, installation and/or assembly manual(s);
  5. changes, insertions and/or additions to the product;
  6. professional use;
  7. Lenco Benelux BV products ordered somewhere other than via the Lenco Benelux BV webshop. In this situation, you should contact the shop or webshop from which you bought the Alecto product in question; 
  8. repairs and/or modifications carried out by persons or organisations other than Lenco Benelux BV.

Decision-making on whether cover can be provided under the warranty will always lie with Lenco Benelux BV.

If you have a defective product that you bought from the Lenco Benelux BV webshop and the defect falls under the warranty, contact our customer service team.

For the purpose of these warranty provisions, the terms below are defined as follows:

Consumer: a natural person who is not acting in the course of their profession or business and who enters into a distance contract with Lenco Benelux BV;

Lenco: Lenco Benelux BV, with its registered office in Nuth.

Content and scope
If defects occur during the warranty period, Lenco Benelux BV will decide whether or not your product will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Any parts or products that have been replaced will become the property of Lenco Benelux BV. Consumables (components that are likely to need replacing during the lifetime of the product) and accessories will NOT be covered by the warranty. For example, batteries, aerials, remote controls, leads, buttons, battery covers and other, similar accessories. 

If an inspection and/or repair show(s) that a defect is the result of inappropriate use of the product, the defect will not be covered by the warranty and we will reserve the right to invoice you for all repair and material costs. In this situation, we will contact you in advance to allow you to decide whether or not to proceed.

Make sure you keep the product in its original packaging. If this is not possible, make sure it is packaged in good, decent replacement packaging. No cover will be provided under the warranty if the product is transported without appropriate packaging. In this situation, the transport risk will lie with you. Do not send any extra items with your product (DVDs or USB sticks, for example). Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept any responsibility for the (accidental) loss of these extra items.

Counterfeit products
If you buy directly from Lenco Benelux BV or a recognised Lenco Benelux BV dealer, you can rest assured that you have a genuine Lenco Benelux BV product. The limited Lenco Benelux BV warranty will only apply for genuine Lenco Benelux BV products that have been bought from Lenco Benelux BV or a recognised Lenco dealer.

If you buy one of our products from a non-authorised dealer, it will only be covered by the Lenco Benelux BV warranty if the non-authorised dealer is able to demonstrate, via a detailed invoice and sales receipt, that the product was actually bought from Lenco Benelux BV or an authorised Lenco Benelux BV dealer. 

Lenco Benelux BV will not provide a warranty for counterfeit products. If you try to sell products of this nature, you may be held legally liable and/or prosecuted.