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Smoke alarms by Alecto?

A fire can ignite before you know it and you’ll want to be notified if it does. A smoke alarm is the best solution. When a smoke alarm detects smoke, the alarm goes off. It therefore warns you well in time, giving you the opportunity to avoid worse. Try to prevent negligence and take a look at our large collection of Alecto smoke alarms. In spaces where smoke or humidity is often found, such as the garage or the bathroom, you could opt for a heat alarm. Heat alarms sound the alarm when a high rise in temperature takes place within a short period of time.

Connectable Smoke Alarms

Alecto offers a selection of connectable smoke alarms. By connecting smoke alarms, all of them will to go off when one of them has detected any smoke or fire. It's especially useful for a large pad or house, whereby everyone can be alarmed just in time.

Mounting It Using a Magnet

All our models come with a mounting kit. However, if you do not want any holes in your wall or ceiling, we recommend a magnetic mounting set. This keeps your plastering intact, and it works just as well as traditional fastening. For a solid magnetic mounting set, please consider Alecto's MK-2.

Buying a Smoke Alarm?

It's a smart move to invest in a smoke alarm! It's a step towards a safe living environment. Have you decided which one to purchase? You can do so on the Alecto Home Web Shop. Place your order by 7:00 p.m. on a business day and we'll dispatch it from our warehouse that very day!