Smart home

      Make your home smart? That's possible with Alecto! We offer both smart products on Wi-Fi and our Zigbee line, which can be connected to the Alecto SMART-BRIDGE10. The Zigbee line includes: smoke detectors, motion sensors, window/door sensors, thermostat valve, temperature, and humidity sensors. Using an app, you can easily set up and control these devices. The great thing is that all these devices can communicate with each other, allowing you to set up a lot of useful automations.
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      Alecto's Smart Home

      Looking to Buy Smart Home Products?

      Alecto offers an extensive selection of Smart Home products to make your life easier. Make your home smart with Alecto's Smart Home items. Have you made a choice? Easily order through the Alecto Home Webshop. If you place your order on a working day before 8:00 PM, we will dispatch it from our warehouse the same day!

      What's the Difference between our Wifi and Zigbee Products?

      Alecto Home offers both smart home wifi products and smart home zigbee products, both providing innovative solutions to make homes smarter and more efficient. The main difference between these two technologies lies in how they wirelessly communicate with other smart devices in the house. Smart home wifi products use the existing wifi network in the house to communicate, making them easy to connect and control via a smartphone app, regardless of the user's location. On the other hand, smart home zigbee products use a specialized wireless mesh network with low power consumption, offering a reliable connection between devices. This enables a larger range and less interference, making zigbee products ideal for larger houses or houses with many obstacles.

      For Alecto Home's smart home zigbee products, it's important to note that a zigbee bridge is required to allow communication with other smart devices in the house. The zigbee bridge acts as a central hub that enables communication between the zigbee devices and the wifi network.

      Smart Sensors

      Alecto's smart sensors, including window/door sensors, motion sensors, and temperature sensors, offer the ultimate smart home experience. With the Smart Life app, users can easily set up actions, such as automatically turning on lights when the front door is opened or activating the heating at a specific temperature.

      Smart Lighting

      Additionally, Alecto offers smart bulbs that can be controlled via Tuya or the Smart Life app. With voice control through Google and Alexa, you can adjust the lighting and create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.