Smoke alarm mandatory in the Netherlands as of 1 July 2022!

Smoke alarm mandatory in the Netherlands as of 1 July 2022!

It will be mandatory to mount a smoke alarm on every floor of your house in the Netherlands from 1 July 2022. The building decree will change, making it a legal obligation to comply with this. The new rules apply to both privately owned and rented properties.

What does this mean for me?

Do you already have a smoke alarm on each floor of your house? Then this change of law does not affect you. If you don’t have any smoke alarms yet, then you will need to think of purchasing them. Every floor must have an approved smoke alarm, including enclosed spaces with an escape route. An exception is an attic that does not serve as a living space, which therefore does not require any smoke alarm.

In principle, an alarm containing batteries is sufficient. However, it is not recommended to purchase an alarm with a battery that needs replacing each year. It is better to purchase a smoke alarm with a battery life of 10 years.

The new law does not impose any requirements on the connection of the smoke alarms. This is contrary to the legislation of new builds, where this law has been in force since 2003. In new construction, it is mandatory that a smoke alarm is connected to 230v/the mains and partly equipped with a backup battery. For existing buildings, on the other hand, battery-powered smoke alarms are already sufficient and fully comply with the legislation.

Although it is not mandatory, for larger homes it is advisable to purchase an alarm with a coupling function. A coupling function ensures that all alarms go off in the event of an alarm. For those who want to take it further, there are smart alarms which send a signal to a mobile phone. It’s useful for when you're not at home.

Does your house not yet comply with the new legislation? Then please click here for an extensive selection of Alecto smoke alarms. Our smoke alarms meet all standards and have the CE mark!


  • Klaus Mahler

    Habe in Holland ( September 2022) ein Ferienhaus gemietet, hier sind keine Rauchmelder.

  • Loes Booij

    Vannacht ging het rookalarm af zonder reden. Als het een test zou zijn hoop ik dat ik het uit kan zetten. Het kostte me een hoop schrik en een hoop slaap. Wat moet ik doen om dat te voorkomen? Groet Loes Booij

  • Safety

    Bedankt voor het delen van uw artikel, het is zo nuttig voor mij. Bedankt voor het delen van uw artikel, het is zo nuttig voor mij.

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