The best place for a smoke alarm

It's impossible to predict where a fire might start in your home, which is why it's wise to place smoke detectors in multiple locations in your home/office. Using the following checklist, you can determine the best places to install a smoke detector in your home.

  • Since smoke rises, ensure that you mount the smoke detector at a high location, such as the ceiling. A good position is at least 50 centimeters from the wall. For an open ridge, it's recommended to mount the smoke detector at least 90 cm (horizontally measured) lower.
  • Choose a location that is easily accessible to you. By regularly cleaning and testing the smoke detector, you can ensure its optimal performance.
  • Make sure you have a smoke detector on every floor. This way, you're guaranteed a quick alert, as every second counts.
  • If you have a long corridor in the building, ensure you place a smoke detector every 7.5 meters.
  • It's wise to place a smoke detector near a water heater or central heating boiler that also detects carbon monoxide.

Where is it not a good idea to place a smoke detector?

  • In the bathroom or kitchen, a lot of steam is naturally released during showering and cooking. If no other location is suitable, consider a heat detector, which only alarms at temperatures of 60 degrees or higher.
  • In the garage, emissions from your vehicle might activate a smoke detector. It's better to install a heat detector here.
  • Near electrical equipment. Electrical impulses can cause malfunctions.

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