The best place for a smoke alarm

The best place for a smoke alarm

It’s impossible to predict where a fire could occur in your home. That’s why it’s important to fit a smoke alarm at several locations within your home / office. Using the following checklist, you can determine what locations are the most effective for having a smoke alarm fitted within your home:

  • As smoke rises, please ensure you fit the smoke alarm in a high place, such as on the ceiling.  A good position is at least 50 cm / 20 in from the wall. With an open ridge, it is advisable to fit the smoke alarm at least 90 cm / 35,5 in (measured horizontally) lower.
  • Find a place that is accessible to you. Please ensure you maintain the smoke alarm properly by regularly cleaning it and carrying out the necessary tests for it to work optimally.
  • Please ensure you have a smoke alarm on each floor. This way, you are assured of a quick alarm when every second counts.
  • Does the building have a long corridor? Then please ensure a smoke alarm is fitted every 7,5 m / 25 ft.
  • It is wise to use a smoke alarm near a geyser or boiler that also perceives carbon monoxide.

Places smoke alarms should not be fitted

  • In the bathroom or kitchen, as a lot of steam is released when showering or cooking. If there is no alternative, please fit a heat alarm instead, which only sounds the alarm at a temperature of 60°C / 140°F or higher.
  • In the garage, as your vehicle’s emissions may activate the smoke alarm. Again, a heat alarm would be preferred here.
  • Near electrical equipment, as electrical impulses can cause malfunctions.

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  • A.vd.Sande

    Ik heb een SA 110 duo geplaatst op de wand, in de hal. Mag dit? Is een kleine hal, plm 2 mrt vierkante meter. Geplaatst op 30 cm uit plafond, boven deurhoogte en 50 cm uit de hoek.

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