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Alecto's Zigbee and Smart Bridge

Zigbee is a communication protocol that, just like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, ensures smart devices are connected to each other. Zigbee is also a mesh network. This means that each smart device is connected to at least 2 other devices, allowing you to have a fairly stable connection. If one of the sensors in your network should fail, the other sensors can take over the signal to ensure your network remains intact and stable.


Zigbee uses a minimal amount of energy, which benefits the battery time. Some Zigbee sensors can last several years without the need for the original battery to be replaced. Another advantage is the wireless signal transmission. Zigbee sensors are connected to a central point (hub, bridge or gateway) as well as to each other. This increases its range and stability. Should a sensor fail, then the other sensors within the system can still communicate with each other.


A Zigbee network needs a gateway (for Alecto SMART-Bridge10). This gateway takes care of the communication to and from the Zigbee mesh network and the internet. All Alecto smart home products (Zigbee, Wi-Fi) can be used together in 1 single app; the Alecto Smart Life app.

Buying an Alecto SMART-Bridge10

Do you want to connect all your Smart Home products to a mesh network? If so, the Smart-Bridge10 is perfect. You can easily place your order on the Alecto Home Web Shop. If you do so by 7:00 p.m. on a business day, we'll dispatch it from our warehouse that very day!