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Smart Wi-Fi Products by Alecto

Alecto's Smart Wi-Fi products do not require any bridge interventions. This means they are directly connected via your Wi-Fi network. Nice and easy! Our Smart Wi-Fi collection includes smoke alarms and smart doorbells. Alecto's smart smoke alarms send you a notification on your smartphone or tablet when smoke is detected. It's especially useful as an extra alarm, especially for when you're not at home. The smoke alarms also work independently without an app, so you can sleep feeling safe and secure.

Installing your Smart Wi-Fi Product

Installing your Smart Wi-Fi product is easy. Simply download the 'Smart Life App' and configure your smart product. It's really that easy to start managing your smart product on your smartphone.

Buying Smart Wi-Fi Products

The best option would be to use your own Wi-Fi network and easily connect your smart products without the need for a bridge. Alecto makes it possible. You can easily place your order on the Alecto Home Web Shop. If you do so by 7:00 p.m. on a business day, we'll dispatch it from our warehouse that very day!